Why did the chargeback favor my customer despite evidence?

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My customer received their order on time.  They didn't present any evidence of damage or defect.  Yet, the chargeback was in their favor.  Why?


I provided the carrier with evidence that the package was successfully delivered and informed their bank that they didn't provide evidence of damage or defect.

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Am watching this post....just had something similar happen to us.  Shipped and delivered the merchandise AFTER the deposit was made to our account, a chargeback was filed against us, buyer has the merchandise claimed fraud.  I've reported the issue to local law enforcement....not expecting a positive outcome but who knows.  

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In our T&C, we make the buyers click a check box to confirm they agree to our terms, i've yet to have a business hit me with a chargeback and keep the items, no business wants a UCC filed on them:

16. Dispute and Chargeback Resolution

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services. We understand the importance of security and integrity in transactions, which is why we take the following measures to address disputes and chargebacks:

1. Vigorous Defense: We aggressively defend against all chargebacks, especially those based on claims of unauthorized transactions, fraud, merchandise not as described, or issues related to returned merchandise and credit issuance.

2. Authorization Only: Our policy is to authorize credit card transactions without immediately charging. Items are not charged until tracking information is uploaded, ensuring we only bill for shipped merchandise.

3. Fraud Prevention: Transactions flagged as medium or high risk for fraud are voided. We adhere to stringent verification processes, shipping only to confirmed billing addresses where the ZIP code and CVV code match, to mitigate the risk of fraud.

4. Security Interest Clause: In line with our Security Interest Clause, we reserve the right to file UCC filings against companies that fail to return merchandise yet receive a full refund from their credit card company.

5. Our approach is not meant to intimidate but to clearly outline our commitment to fair and secure business practices. We work diligently to resolve disputes amicably, ensuring that our customers are satisfied while also protecting our business against fraudulent activities.


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Your shop "terms and service" page is not even exist, in your cart page, there is a check box for "I accept the terms of service." but the terms of service page is not even exsit.