Why do packing slips print 2 pages (Fulfilled & Unfulfilled)

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Packing slips print fulfilled and unfulfilled items on 2 seperate pages. This hurts my head.


  1. Why on earth are packing slips for fulfilled items being printed?
    The Packing Slip page on Shopify Help Centre states: "Packing slips can be useful when packing items to ensure that all products are included in the package and they help to communicate what has been sent to the customer. You can print packing slips when you fulfill orders.". Ergo, previously fulfilled items don't need packing slips as they've been... packed.
  2. Can we not have a setting somewhere to tell Packing Slips not to print fulfilled items. Or, the ability to print both on one page whereby they're easily identifiable.


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Did you ever get this figured out? I'm having the same issue where I am going through to fulfill route insurance (since you can't automatically fulfill it) and I'm still getting the dang page for it when printing the packing slip. I don't need to print packing slips for items that are fulfilled and it's annoying.