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Why Do the Referral Source & UTM Campaign Source Show Different Sources?

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Hi there. In looking at the Sessions by Referrals reports I am trying to figure out how many referrals we are getting from Facebook and Instagram (given we are running ads there).

When I filter the report to only show sessions from Facebook referrals, only FB is listed in the Referral Source column as expected. But adding the UTM Campaign and UTM Source there are many sessions where the UTM Campaign and Source (highlighted in the attached screenshot) are actually showing me UTMs from our email campaigns or SMS campaigns while also showing the source as FB.

Why would it attribute the source to Facebook but the UTM source elsewhere? 

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I know this post is like a year old, but I had the same question today but figured it out. The Marketing campaign email has social links on it. The customer clicked on your social link in the email, they then navigated to your website from your facebook page.