Re: Why does sometimes refuse to connect?

Why does sometimes refuse to connect?

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Hi! I'm making an app for Shopify (Remix).Seller should be redirected to my original site (PHP, in dev) for registration, then back to Shopify.


 When I tested the app the first time, everything worked correctly. But subsequent times generate an error from time to time. About every second request. The error looks like " refused to connect."


Looking at the logs on the site: my code works without errors - the user is logged in. Something happens during the reverse redirect. And it's critical for me, because after the first opening I generate an bill (appSubscriptionCreate) on Shopify and have to redirect to Shopify.

Could it be because the app is blacklisted? Or is there some kind of limit on requests per day/week?

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If I make auth redirects + redirect to account - I catch this error. Without redirect to bill everything works fine. But, for the first time everything works fine with redirect to bill. I tested this on a new account with a new store.

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@aksined_by   I think the access token was not correct while making the API call. or loading the app.


  1. I will suggestion you clean the data for that shop. 
  2. do the reinstalled app.
  3. make do you use the fresh chrome user with no any past data like cookies or sessions there.

    alternative try with New shop so no more conflicts. 
    I hope this work. let me know if  still facing the issue
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