Why does my checkout only show the last item added?

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Hi, I have a problem with the check out. If you click on buy now on a product you go directly to the check out, which is fine, but if you go back to add more products and you also click check out instead of add to cart you only get the last product you clicked on. The first products just disapears. Does anyone know what I can do to change this? 

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Why you do most of you store owners always try to compel your customers to buying your products immediately when you can make it user-friendly to them by suggesting to them to either "buy now" and adding another button which bears "add to cart". So it's means you are giving them two options either of buying now and adding to cart. Now, do this:

It sounds like your checkout process may be designed to handle only one product at a time when using the "Buy Now" button. To allow customers to add multiple products before checking out, you should encourage the use of the "Add to Cart" button instead.

If you specifically want to address the behavior you mentioned, you may need to customize your checkout process or use a different approach. This often involves modifying the functionality of your website, and it's recommended to consult with a developer or your platform's support resources for a more tailored solution based on your specific e-commerce setup.