Why does my domain only work sometimes?

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Hey guys! 


I had bought a domain that I transferred to another shopify store of mine, it worked fine at the start. Everything says its connected and working, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I advertise on both instagram and tiktok. I have the domain link in the bio of these accounts, once you press it on your phone it works fine no issue BUT if I were to type it in like dreampods.co it gives me this error ( please see attached ) and even if I put the full address https://www.dreampods.co it still won't work but yet through instagram and tiktok it seems to work. Ive asked some friends to test it for me as I was thinking it was only my connection but its not, one of my friends said it works on both the phone and the computer typing it either way, another one said it doesn't work right away but sometimes it does, finally my girlfriend also tested it, it works through her phone with the link she clicks from tiktok but as soon as its typed into google it doesn't work anymore...


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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On top of that incase it helps, the domain was bought with shopify on one store and transferred to my other shopify store.

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Hi, @JustinGC! I've tested viewing and typing in your domain from your post into several browser types, devices, and with different internet connections. It's working perfectly fine for me and I've also had some colleagues in other countries test it out as well with the same results as me.

In addition to this, I've checked your DNS settings using the DNS lookup from Google and everything looks to be set up properly. Moreover, I've also used both the root domain and the subdomain ("www") versions and both are working fine as well.

It sounds like it could be a localized issue on your devices and your friends.

To help clear that up you can attempt cache clear on the browsers that you're having issues with. This will clear things up for your browser. Your friends would have to do that on theirs. Sometimes if they've not been cleared in a long time, old data can get stuck and not update sites properly. Also, be sure that you've got an updated browser and test different devices to see if you still see the same issue.

Aside from that, your internet connection shouldn't have an issue with this, but you can definitely try using mobile data or another wifi connection to see if that could also be it.

Since you're using a custom domain, I do recommend setting up an email hosting service as well so that you have a branded email as well. I've used Google Workspace and it's been fantastic to use for all of my own businesses.

Once you have a branded email, you should start setting up some email funnels for this last quarter of the year. It's a big shopping season and this is where you'll make the majority of your annual sales. Email is always the best way to consistently communicate with your existing and potential customers and it's far less expensive than ads so it will go well with your ad campaigns and other marketing efforts to convert those sales.

Take a peek through our free course on email marketing so that you can be prepared to make the most of the shopping season and build customer loyalty throughout the year.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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