Why does my online store say 'unable to ship to this location'?

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I am having a problem concerning shipping. I just set up my store and I told people they were able to purchase there products but every time they do it says "unable to ship to this location". I have went into my shipping settings and set it to the U.S. This is a product that I make myself and Im not sure how to fix this problem????

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Hi @soME122 


Thank you for reaching out about this! Shipping can be a bit tricky, especially if you are new to setting it up. If you can share some screenshots of what rates you have setup in your admin, that can help us troubleshoot this. You may find it faster to reach out to our authenticated support team though for further assistance. To access our authenticated support, please follow this link: Shopify Help Center. Open the AI chat window and type "Contact Support" to get started. 


If you have carrier calculated rates setup, or weight based shipping rates, you will want to make sure the product weight was entered correctly and that you have rates available for all order sizes/weights/values.




If you have a weight based rate for orders 0-2 lbs, but none for over 2 lbs, then any order that weighs 2.1 lbs or more cannot be checked out. 




If you have cost based rates for orders like $0.00 - $10.00 and then $11.00 - $20.00, any order that is between $11.01 and $11.59 would not be able to checkout. 


Hopefully it is a simple fix like one of those! Let me know if you are able to get this resolved. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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