Why does my order still show as unfulfilled after issuing a partial refund?

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A customer of mine was a few hours late to my sale so I applied the 40% refund to her order but and fulfilled it. However, I still have a notification saying the order is unfulfilled and that I "owe the customer" the remaining 60%. My customer has already received her products and the 40% was deducted from my payout so I am confused why it is saying I "owe the customer".


Any tips, explanant

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Hi @OliviaRae,

Hyde here from Shopify.

In order to better help you, I may need to retrace your steps with you to get a clearer picture of what happened. When partially refunding an order it is important to accurately follow these steps:


 Did you diverge from this guide? If so, how? The more information you can give me in this regard, the better I can help you.

All the best, Hyde.


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