Why does my store's payment get continually delayed?

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Imagine opening your first store, getting supported by your followers, just to have shopify put your money on hold, without giving you a reason.,...and then being told 3 different REASONS and 3 different dates to expect your money! Thats my experience here at Shopify.  Was told dont worry keep sending your customers, the hold should be gone by monday. Well guess what, Monday has come and left already! Then get told ... it should only be 3 days by a different agent.  And now that those 3 days have come and gone, now theyre trying to say 7 - 14 days.  See how the time just gets longer and longer? Lie after lie. These people are liars, and will play with your money. My advice would be dont open the door for that to happen... use a different gateway.

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