Why does Shopify charge a 2% transaction fee for third-party payment providers?

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May 2024: The 2% Transaction Fee That Feels Like a Bullet Train Hit

I feel like I just got hit by a bullet train. I've poured my heart, soul, and countless hours into crafting the perfect storefront, reaching out to third-party payment providers, and slogging through their endless registration processes. I've invested a substantial chunk of my hard-earned cash into stock inventories, ready to launch my online business, only to be blindsided by Shopify's 2% transaction fee—a venomous bite from a snake I never saw coming.

Running on razor-thin profit margins, this additional 2% charge on every sale shoves me into the deepest pit of despair. Each transaction feels like salt in an already gaping wound, making it nearly impossible to sustain my dream.

The disillusionment is real, and the frustration is palpable. I'm now seriously considering migrating to another eCommerce platform, one that values its customers without resorting to predatory pricing. It's time for a change—time to find a platform that doesn't bleed us dry but empowers us to thrive.

I am talking to you, Shopify.

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