Re: Why does the accuracy of ecommerce analytics fluctuate?

Why does the accuracy of ecommerce analytics fluctuate?

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So, what is up with Shopify Analytics? I don't know if it's just me, but it's sucking! The visitors and sessions are always changing, I never see the locations anymore, and it picks up on me going to my website to view it from my admin dashboard. It's really annoying. Is there anything that can be done about this? Are they working on this?

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Its been awful for me too. Same, can't see locations anymore. Also visitors and sessions always changing.


I have spoken to support 3 times now and all they say is that all these visitors are using VPNs. What? This has only happened for 2 weeks and you're trying to tell me that for 3 full years there were no N/A sessions by country, and now over 60% of visitors are using VPN's hence the N/A sessions?!?!?


Very very disappointed.

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It really is disappointing. My friend told me to check out, Lucky Orange. Said that you are actually able to see how customers are navigating your website. It is compatible with Shopify I read. Not free, but can get a 7day trial. Makes me wonder if they are sucky intentionally in order for you to use someone they are partnering with. 

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I have noticed that locations in the Sessions by Location, locations have disappeared after a few days. And I am also getting many more NA now than I did.



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It is a damn shame of Shopify! I have the same issues noticed it for 5 months. The data they send to Meta and Google for the ads result is also incorrect.


It makes me so angry that this company was known for their accurate data. However they are big enough now to f*ck the clients hard.

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Hello Trinity1,


It is somewhat a consensus among store owners that Shopify Analytics is not a good solution for those who really want to put to good use their data. That is the reason why there are many apps launched to fill in this gap. Also some apps, like Datma (our app) are enabling much deeper understanding of what is happening introducing product or variant level of tracking, as in product views, conversion rates for each product and so on. 

You can take a look at our demo (no registration/signup required) : - or you can make use of our 30 days free trial in case you want to see how it works on your store's data.



Peter @ Datma