Why doesn't the refunded discount show in the customer account?

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A customer was due a discount prior to checkout but didn't receive it.  I refunded the discount amount on the customer order and sent an email. The customer account does not show the refunded amount. Am I missing something here? The order was archived. Could this make a difference?

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Hi @cdaniels, thank you for visiting the Shopify Forum!

Make sure to check in the orders page, it should appear as "Partially Refunded". Shopify, takes a couple of minutes to refund the order.

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Hi Lanzi,


I am in the same scenario. I need to add an additional discount to an unfulfilled order to fix a discount code error. If I refund just the discount amount, I get an alert before processing it saying that it will make the item unfulfillable. Should I proceed anyway? Would rather not have to refund the entire order and force the customer to reorder. Thanks!

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We face the same problem. How are these kinds of refunds meant to be managed? It is not a very exceptional thing to grant a partial refund without canceling the order.

Would appreciate a quick help. Thanks.

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Having the same issue where we need to refund a discount amount, how do we get the tax to reduce without manually calculting?