Why is having an automatically opened order summary being suppressed by Shopify?

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For this option to only be available to Shopify Plus users makes me question the how much Shopify cares about it’s customers success?

To Clarify: When a potential mobile customer goes through the checkout process, the order summary is hidden. Why is this important? Well apart from inputting discount codes, if you offer free gifts with your products they won’t see them in your cart. For a company like Shopify that touts the importance of the success of small business owners this one feature is losing millions in cart abandonment. 
So this is my protest as a Shopify shop owner, start allowing for the order summary option to automatically be expanded during checkout.

This one feature makes me want to switch platforms. It is so anti-conversion of a prospective customer.

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Totally agree, this is so frustrating. My customers cannot find the discount field. Just makes we want to move away from Shopify! Please fix this!

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This is pretty beyond ridiculous! I have seen the issue listed many times for the use of promo codes but for our business it's very important to draft invoices for corporate clients. When we send the link over it just show the amount? How can this not be an option?