Why is my automated collection not saving on my ecommerce platform?

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Half an hour in and I'm ready to smash a keyboard.


I have one test product.

I'm trying to create a new collection.  I fill out the fields, but when I click SAVE, the black bar at the top of the screen progresses, and then flashes.  Says UNSAVED COLLECTION at the top in the banner.


Automated collection, with two ANY conditions set up based on the title.  These conditions deleted when I save.

Manual collection works, but not being able to use automated is going to cost me a lot of time.  Any ideas?


Very upset that this platform doesn't have any real support other than "Go to the forums."


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First, I would recommend making sure that if you're using an 'ad blocker' in your browser, that you whitelist Shopify, so that it's not running while you're in the Shopify admin making changes. 


If you're not using an ad-blocker, then it would be helpful to see a screenshot of both the collection settings + error message. 

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Thanks for commenting.  I finally just had to walk away yesterday.  

The issue was that I was trying to create an automated collection when there were no products in the inventory.  Infuriating how the status bar at the top just flashed and did nothing, when it could have said 'ERROR:  No Products Found' or similar.