Why is my legitimate business still inactive on Shopify?

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The Merchant Trust Team and the Support is completely broken. There is a serious loophole that I can't get through and I can't make business with Shopify.

I received a notification that my store was made inactive in Jan 29th - mind you that this happened STILL DURING the 3-day trial.  My shop was not even public or configured yet.  They requested proof that my business is legal, requested my formation, my stock information, proof that my address is legit and I answer them back multiple times via email.  Talked with 14 different Support Advisors to try to contact the Merchant Trust Team.  Today is Feb 7th and I did not get any answer at all from them.  The Support Advisors can't get me through to talk to them and they don't answer my multiple emails.  I am on a loophole now that Support Advisors can't solve and won't let me talk to that team and that team won't contact me, neither answer my emails or contact me via phone. 

I have a legal LLC formation, have State licenses and compliance to start my business and Shopify simply made my shop inactive because they won't analyze my documents.  The irony is that I have many friend that don't have any of that and have their stores up and running and I that have completely legal formation can't get a shop to make business.

It is a serious Support deficiency from Shopify and a lack of understanding the Merchant situation.  I literally don't know what else to do.  Do I quit this account and start another one from scratch because Support don't know how to deal with this?  Do I quit Shopify completely and abandon this platform to another?  I am beyond frustrated at this point and shocked I am not able to do what everybody else is doing with much less compliance than I have and I simply get not contacted at all to learn WHAT the problem really is!!

It is unacceptable that Support Advisors that are the only point of entry of support can't take your case internally and solve them for you since we Merchants can't get access to internal teams.  The escalations does not work anymore and I simply get copy/paste support answers with cliche support words.  No answer for 9 days is not normal for a platform that wants to be the best in class of e-commerce. 

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Hello, did they finally reply?

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I have the exact same problem.
Did you solve it?