Why is my online store still frozen after reactivation?

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Hey guys


I wonder if anyone has encountered this?


I deactivated my store last year. Reactivated it last weekend, and I keep getting the message that my domain cannot connect as the store is frozen. I have no outstanding bills or anything like that on my account.


The Support Advisors (who are worse than useless - I hate all this "Please know that I am on your side for this, and I will never let you deal with this alone, until we have it sorted out. ) can't give me an answer as it's with Business operations, who are meant to be dealing with my issue "urgently" my ticket has been open since Wednesday. Apparently there is no complaints procedure or anyone else who I can contact, other than the advisors... 


I've double check all my DNS details, and have been advised they're all correct by an advisor ( one of the only things they can actually do to help)


Thank you

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