Why is my Shopify basic plan costing Rs 2300 in the second month?

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When I buy Shopify basic plan it shows Rs 20 for first 3 months, in the first month Rs 20 is deducted with some GST but in the next month Rs 2300 is debited. Why?

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Shopify Partner
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Hi Rakesh9,

Let me clarify,

Shopify at times offer promotional prices for new users, such as the Rs20 for the first three months deal as you said, during this time will you be billed Rs 20 per month. But you see, after the promotional period ends, the regular pricing of the Shopify basic plan applies. This increase may include additional charges, likes taxes and transaction fees.

And there is also a chance that GST (Good and Services Tax) would be included in the total amount due to subscription in countries like India.

If you are still having your doubts, you can contact the Shopify support team for clarification