Why is my TikTok pixel inconsistently detecting events?

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Hi. I am trying to set up my Tiktok pixel and it's not working well. I would prefer it not working at all than right now because right now when i test the pixel event in my tiktok ads manager, sometimes the extension pixel helper will detect a pixel on that browser but another it won't, sometime it works and at some point it stops, and it always stop when i complete the payment it never detects the complete payment. Also, sometimes when i click on checkout on my website it detects it as initiate checkout which is fine but sometimes they say : empty_event_name. The add to cart is missing value as well idk what's going on. On my previous 3 stores i've done eveeything was fine but now idk what's going on. Before i had the cookie banner enable and i don't know if it was messing with something so i deleted it completely but it's still isn't working. Pls help. Website link : Pixeoprint.com



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Hi @Jeanne8 


Based on the details you provided, it seems like there are some inconsistencies and errors with your TikTok pixel setup on Shopify.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps to try:


1. Re-install the TikTok app in Shopify
- Uninstall the current TikTok app from your Shopify store
- Go to the Shopify App Store and re-install the official TikTok app
- Reconnect your TikTok business account and ad account
- This will ensure you have the latest version of the app and pixel code


2. Check the pixel code placement
- Make sure the TikTok pixel base code is placed in the theme.liquid file, just above the closing </head> tag
- Avoid having duplicate pixel codes, as this can cause conflicts. There should only be one instance of the code
- Use the TikTok Pixel Helper Chrome extension to verify the pixel is firing correctly on key pages like product pages and checkout


3. Configure the pixel events
- In the TikTok Ads Manager, go to Assets > Events
- Set up the key events you want to track, like View Content, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Place an Order
- Make sure the event details are configured correctly to match the actions on your website
- Test the events again after setup


4. Look for potential conflicts
- Temporarily switch to a different Shopify theme to see if the pixel works there. If so, there may be a code conflict with your current theme
- Disable any other tracking scripts or apps one by one to identify if one of them is interfering with the TikTok pixel


5. Reach out to support
- If the issues persist after trying the above, contact TikTok support through your Ads Manager
- Provide details on the errors you're seeing, like the empty_event_name and missing values
- They can look into your specific ad account and pixel setup to identify the root cause

Installing the pixel through the official TikTok app is recommended for Shopify, as it simplifies the setup process. But if issues continue, methodically testing and ruling out potential problems should help narrow it down. Don't hesitate to leverage TikTok's support for further assistance.


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