Why is my website speed going down when I'm not making changes?

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Hi guys, wondering why this would be the case since I haven't made changes?

I can see my theme needs an update but I don't currently have the time to fix the layout to exactly where it needs to be and tweak all the little things I've changed again, I don't know how to code, mostly just copy paste but I like where I've gotten the website to for now.

Any reasons this could be happening?

I don't have any unused apps

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Mainly your site speeds depends on how fast the contents/images and styles are loaded. How much time your site took to load.

Thus the factors affecting your site speed:

- High sizes images are used instead of optimized size images.

- using high number of third party apps

- Ununsed CSS and JS codes found in theme.

- Complex code structure.

- Third party scripts


Therefore, I highly recommend hiring a developer to conduct a comprehensive review of your site and address any speed-related issues.

If you're in search of assistance, please feel to ask.




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