Why is my website traffic decreasing after a redesign?

Why is my website traffic decreasing after a redesign?

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Hi guys,

About to a week or 2 weeks ago, I launched a re-designed-fresh-theme for my online store and using social media plate forms for advertising. 


First few days i was getting excepted traffic/results but after 3-4days everything went against it, suddenly traffic graph started falling dawn, and not going up at all. Not even half of what i was getting previously few week ago. 


What could be wrong here:

  1. is it something to do with coding which i'm missing in my new design?
  2. something to do with Shopify itself?
  3. Social media policies or anything which i am totally unaware of? 


URL : deshoeshop. com


Can someone help and explain me that? Will be a good help



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I am not sure about what exactly might have happened without details but 6/7 September, Google released it's Core update. Might want to check in on that. Just a suggestion but timing coincides.