Why is Shopify charging per item shipping instead of per order?

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I have a hemp store on Shopify and certain hemp products are banned in certain states.  In order to protect my business and patrons, I made shipping profile for the differing legalities.  Now my checkout is charging shipping per item instead of on the order as a whole.  This is a severe shortcoming for Shopify Shipping.  I should be able to have overlapping shipping profiles that go into detail on what is allowed for certain addresses.  I cannot have all of my items in the same profile; wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the custom shipping profiles in the first place?  This does not make sense, there should be a setting that is toggled on or off for each profile that switches between per item or per order so Shopify users can have different shipping restrictions and options for different products.  For example: I don't wan't my patrons to have the more expensive cooled/insulated option if its not necessary for the products in their cart.  At the same time I want them to HAVE to the cooled/insulated option if they have at least one item in their cart that it is necessary for.  Seems like this could be a really easy fix Shopify...  

Shipping cost should be $8.50, not $17.00 (https://gyazo.com/7a6c96ec1e0fc3b71b6f3b6e0f49d1d0).  Shopify shipping profiles don't allow me to have the priority cooled option disabled on items that don't need it when there is an item that does need it in the same checkout.  This is unhelpful because no one ever needs the priority cooled option for the pectin gummy bears, they do for the gelatin gummies.  When these two items are together the only option is priority cooled which is good; but I should not have to have priority cooled option enabled for a whole profile of products that do not need it.  It seems to me that Shopify should have a more defined and complex shipping system to avoid these technical issues.

Does anyone know how I can avoid the shipping charge per item; I need it for the order as a whole!? 

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