Why is Shopify payments unable to verify my uploaded ID?

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On Shopify payments it says I need to submit a government issued ID such as a passport. I have uploaded the photos of my passport and it is saying it’s unable to verify my ID, I’m not sure what I need to do.

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Hi @haydentedds 


Here are a few tips to help resolve issues with verifying your identity on Shopify Payments:


1. Make sure the government-issued photo ID you upload (like a passport or driver's license) is clear, in color, uncropped, and shows all four corners of the ID. The image quality needs to be high enough for all the details to be easily readable.

2. Confirm the name and date of birth on your photo ID exactly matches what is entered in your Shopify account settings. Even small differences can cause verification to fail.

3. If you recently updated your name or other details in Shopify, try uploading your ID again as the old information may still be cached in the system.

4. For passports, include a photo of the information page that shows your photo, name, date of birth, and passport number. Make sure no part is cut off.

5. If you continue having issues after uploading a valid ID multiple times, contact Shopify support directly so they can look into your specific account and assist further. You can reach out via live chat or callback from the Shopify Help Center after logging into your account.

6. Allow some time after submitting your documents. Verification can take 24-72 hours in some cases as Shopify's account specialists review the information.


The key is providing a high-quality image of an official government ID that matches your Shopify account details exactly. If problems persist, Shopify's support team can investigate and advise on additional steps to complete the identity verification process so your payouts are no longer on hold.


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