Why is the conversion rate showing 0% despite having orders?

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Hey Everyone.

We are seeing in some of the stores of our customers they have 0% of conversion rate (or really low conversion rates), while still having orders. Meaning they have for example 6 orders which came through the store, but on the conversion rate everything is at 0%. This client have an app of ours to block Analytics cookies (GDPR app), but the weird thing is that even reach checkout conversion rate is 0, How could this be? Does anyone know how the conversion rate is calculated? Or where it gets the information from? Is it set by cookies or by another form ?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance 😄 

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I am having the same problem in my store. I have 0 Checkouts and 0 Add to carts, eventhough I have multiple orders that same day. It works on some days and on some days it dont. Any ideas?

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Same problem here since yesterday

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I have the same. I use tiktok ads manager and interest but it seems that the information from these platforms isn't getting through to my shopify store.