Why is the discount code field not showing during checkout?

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Hi there - my store is no longer showing a discount code option when I go through the check out process? Does anyone have an idea as to why?

I also just got a message from a customer that they entered a discount code, and the interface cleared the promo code before they completed the order and it was not accepted.

Really hoping for any help I can get on the subject - many thanks!

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You're using an app to create "checkouts" - looks like a bold app on first glace. The app would be making a Draft Order checkout, and those don't support discount codes.

When the checkout is the default Online Storefront one you'll see the discount code without issue.

You can always get a sense for if it's the Online Storefront checkout or not by looking at the breadcrumbs shown on step one. If there's no "cart" breadcrumb - it's from a different channel like the Draft Orders.

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I'm not using any kind of app for checkout and there is no field for promo codes in my checkout process.  What do I do?  customers have contacted me and i've searched but can't figure this out.




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Hi, if no app are creating draft orders, therefore it might be as simple as the fact your store doesn't have any discount code created yet... did you create a discount code inside Shopify admin > Discount codes ?


You can also display a coupon field in the cart page, before the checkout page, for example add this product to cart and go to the cart page. That was done using the app called Carter - Coupon Field in Cart.

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Hello there

Our app Discount Master by Autoketing can show discount prices on the checkout page. Customers see discounts on homepage, collection pages, product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages. 


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Hola, conseguiste solucionarlo? a mí me pasa lo mismo!

Hi, Did you get it fixed?

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In case this helps someone else, I have discovered that when you have no discount code active, the box does not show.


You have to have an active code for the box to show at checkout.

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This answer solved my problem, thank you!

I had a discount code created, but I had it scheduled to a future date, so the field didn't show up. Once I set it to current date, the field auto-appeared.

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If you're really using an app that's using Draft order API, then this might be the cause. 

There's an app you can use that will allow application of discount codes before checkout. Carter- Discount box in Cart.

Take care.


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Hi Sloane_Middleto,

The discount code area will appear only if the products in your cart are eligible for a discount. If they aren't, that field is hidden. So no worries, your theme isn't hiding the discount button, it's just that the products in your cart aren't able to have one applied.

These apps will allow customers to set up discount field on the cart page as well as enter customized discount codes before checkout which will lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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i found the problem. Go to edit code and look for (cart-template.liquid) once you find it look for this code (my theme is debut so might be different for you) <ul class="order-discount order-discount--list order-discount--title order-discount--cart{% if item.line_level_discount_allocations == blank %} hide{% endif %}" aria-label="{{ 'customer.order.discount' | t }}" data-cart-item-discount-list>
{%- for discount_allocation in itemDiscounts -%}
<li class="order-discount__item" data-cart-item-discount>
{% include 'icon-saletag' %}
<span data-cart-item-discount-title>
{{- discount_allocation.discount_application.title -}}
</span> (-<span data-cart-item-discount-amount>{{ discount_allocation.amount | money }}</span>)
{%- endfor -%}


put it below the <div data-cart-item-price> under the closed div (</div>)