Why is the response time for account verification issues so slow?

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I'm very disappointed with the response speed of the Shopify Account Team. I remember my account name and password, and I can log into my email. However, I'm not sure if it's due to the telecom operator's issue that I can't receive the SMS verification code, which prevents me from logging into my account. I requested Shopify to solve this, and a week has passed, but the issue still exists. Two days after I raised my issue, I received an email asking me to submit my ID, which I did. Then, about four days passed without any new correspondence, and the problem wasn't resolved. When consulting customer service, they only told me to wait patiently. I can be patient, but what about my store? I don't think this is a rare issue, nor do I think verification is that difficult—I have the account, password, email, and all the information. I'm very disappointed with the speed at which this issue is being resolved.(I use another account to post it)

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