Why is the save cart function missing in the POS app?

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Where did the save cart function go in the POS app? It converted all my carts to draft orders. I can no longer make changes to the order and save it again from my POS. Very frustrating as this is how we keep track of clients orders. 

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Hi Folks, 


I've connected with the team handling this feature change and I want to apologize as the information and resources I had access to were out of date and incorrect. 


I previously noted that the "Save A Cart" feature had moved to POS Pro plans, this was not right. As many of you noted, this feature is no longer available and has changed to "Save as Draft Order". I sincerely apologize for any confusion my previous post may have created, and I will update it to reflect the correct details. 


While all merchants have the ability to create a draft order via the store admin, the Save As Draft Order tile and functionality in the POS app is only available to merchants on the POS Pro plan. 


I also was able to connect with the team to share your feedback, and while the Save a Cart feature itself will not be returning, they are actively working on changes to the workflow of the draft order feature so that it is as easy and as streamlined to use as you would like it to be. This is something being addressed directly, so I expect to see workflow improvements in the near future. I can't offer a timeline at this stage, but I'll be happy to update you as I receive more information on this. 


Thank you again for your feedback and energy in this thread! Please feel free to continue sharing constructive feedback with us. 


I have marked this reply as a "Solution" so that anyone coming across this thread can find this updated information about the feature and it's availability. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Can you keep us posted on this? I reached out to their online customer service to ask some basic questions and had a poor start to the first interaction with them. I even said, we are looking at switching and this is my first time reaching you, we are unhappy with the customer service at our current provider. Then she continued to do a miserable job at refusing to answer basic questions. So - I walked away right away, but it could be one bad cs rep for all I know. I would be curious to hear how things go for you, and hope you will come back to post your experiences.

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Yes, I agree that it's best to just accept and constantly adapt and overcome the obstacles Shopify puts in our way... but I need a place to vent my frustrations while processing them. Since complaining to Shopify doesn't work, me and everyone else commenting here is basically just letting off steam while we put our head down and try to workaround their stupid changes yet again. Doesn't help that I get messages from all my staff complaining about the system whenever Shopify makes an idiotic change and I just have to keep saying "sorry... I know it's frustrating, unfortunately we can't do anything about it". I feel like Shopify customer support. 

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That is our exact same experience. We come here to vent our frustrations, but then go back to our staff (who again yesterday were bringing to my attention how terrible the system is and the struggles they have with each daily change) and tell them sorry, this is the best of a bad lot right now. I don't think I will ever feel as poor as Shopify customer support though - nor will you. Because you care more and have a better company culture going on, otherwise you wouldn't feel such frustration that it prompts you to come here. Shopify claims they go based off of customer complaints, but it is obviously not true, or they would be fixing the things they have done that caused an uproar with their users. However, your complaining clients are often a golden opportunity - they care enough to bring the issue to you. What a company does with that golden opportunity is what sets them apart.

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I'm happy to see folks still commenting on this thread and looking at POS alternatives.  Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources at the moment to start a project to replace Shopify POS...I'm sure many of you are in this same boat.  However, we do have the resources to express ourselves and use our words to hopefully create change.  One of the factors we rely heavily on in our evaluation of new systems/software we're considering before bringing them into our environment is user ratings.  Providing your feedback/experience on use of this app in the form of a review would be helpful to other merchants.  Shopify is clearly putting share price above customer concerns & experience and your review/feedback in this regard I think would be really helpful to new/prospective customers.  Hopefully, this fact will not be a revelation to anyone as many/most companies operate in this manner.  And, in fairness, there's a lot of good things about the POS system we have enjoyed.  But your feedback here might open many eyes.  I see the app is enjoying an overall 4.1 user rating but if you sort by newest/date ratings some of you have already provided feedback about the cart issue (  Also a quick note to whatever Shopify staff are monitoring this:  in a previous post I had identified a Shopify blog post that talks about how great the Save Cart feature is ( know...the one you removed that everyone is complaining about.  This post is still out there and you should take it down now that this feature is missing...or amend it to be clear about the fact that it's only available on the Pro version...and if it's available there but not working the same as I think some have suggested, that modification should be included as well.  Thanks!

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Great suggestion! I've just left my 1 star review for Shopify POS on the App Store page!

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Just left my 1 star review on TrustPilot where they have a 1.5 rating.
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Great point. Will be reviewing this weekend!