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Why is the Shopify Help Center not loading properly?

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We are trying to complete our payment set up, and have not been able to, in spite of following all trouble shooting help that we've found. The help center website is not working. Every page is broken and shows the same thing, that there is a problem loading the help center page. Even the main page gives this error message. We emailed  and received this auto reply message: 

Thanks for contacting Shopify Support!

A support ticket has not been created.

We are changing how we best support you. As part of these changes,  no longer accepts incoming messages, this includes when you reply to a support ticket after it has been closed.

Our Help Center  is the best source on everything Shopify and the fastest way to get help from our Support Team. There you can continue your conversation by   in a number of channels.



We are stuck running in circles with the same dead end. Some help would be appreciated, we are starting to go mad!

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Hi @SaltCityCactus 


I would suggest raising a live ticket, where you can connect with an agent in real-time and get this issue resolved.


Hope this helps!

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Hi Justin, how can this be done? I’m also running into the same exact issue. Any option in the Shopify help center brings up a new page saying “there’s a problem loading this page” 

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I’m having the exact same issue… any solutions yet? 

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Coming across a similar issue. I asked the chat bot to connect me to a support advisor and it prompted me to select a store, but when I selected the store an error message came up:


"There’s a technical problem with the Shopify Help Center that prevented this page from loading. Please go back to the Help Center homepage or try reloading this page."


I tried refreshing, going back to the Help Centre and reselecting the store, and even logging in and out. Is there any other way to contact support?