Why is there high traffic but no sales on our e-commerce site?

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Hi, we are new at ecommercial marketing. We are currently utilizing META ads and we get around 100 visitors per a day and total of 450 visitors over the past 4 days. 
But, we got 60 added to cart and 0 sales until now. 
Then, we removed the add to cart button in order to reduce steps for buying. 

Honestly, we can barely affort paying for ads. So, we need quick and effective solutions for being able to continue ads. 

We're eager to receive constructive criticism on all fronts to identify and rectify any mistakes we may be making. Your insights and suggestions are highly valued as we work towards optimizing our marketing strategy.

The product page that we redirect from the ads:
Thank you in advance.

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First, you need think about your website from a customer's point of view. Is it easy to use? Can they find what they're looking for easily? Is it personalized to their interests? Is the shoppers’ journey smooth? You may consider a recommendation app such as CartUp AI Recommendations that help is making the shoppers’ journey smooth and personalized. A better customer journey has much higher chance of conversion.


Secondly, you may want your website to show up when people search online. You may consider our Category Page app, which creates custom landing pages that search engines such as Google and Bing can crawl, thereby helping to bring in more visitors to your store.


Both the apps have 60-day trial.