Why is there limited customization in my website builder?

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Instead of wasting thousands of peoples time why not add some actual customization to your website builder.


People chose this platform because they don't know how to code and then you make them have to code everything basically.


Something as simple as choosing your own styles, colors, designs for header fonts, like bullets etc should be a BASIC INCLUDED function. EVEN WORDPRESS HAS THAT


Im not sure how they get away with advertising as a drag and drop easy website builder because its not and it's definitely falsely advertised.


You basically have to code your entire website to make it not look like crap. You LITERALLY HAVE TO CODE TO STYLE AYTHING.


save time and Use wix . 

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Have you looked into themes? These will have a lot of customization already done for you, and the ones I have tried have all had lots of options for doing further customization. Page content can all be managed with wysiwyg (what you see is what you get). All of this without coding.

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Yes, I have tried themes. I try and find apps to customize, and I have to pay for basic features like filtering products. That's insane you have to pay extra on top of what is already charged for something so basic. I try and add my own code and there's a character limit. Basically any way you turn everything is over complicated, a road block, or you have to pay extra for every single little extra function/app. For someone who pays for the middle or larger plan that is actually absurd. 

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Can you share your requirements or your current website link, i will have a look and advise you a best solution. @lissamoe 

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Many of the type of features you mentioned are possible through the theme customizer depending on the theme you're using. I've found Shopify to be very accessible and customizable out of the box. Do you know what theme you're using and can you specify one particular customization you're looking for?

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