Why isn't my contact form functioning correctly?

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My Contact Form on my site has never worked. My site is www.bespokefacetting.com.au


I have checked the email address that I have entered and sent a test email from the admin page and that all works fine, but if I submit a test email from the contact page, I receive nothing. My subscription is paid up and I would appreciate some help getting the contact form working as I am concerned that I am missing out on customers.


Kind Regards

Sarah MacNaught

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There are a few things that could be causing your contact form to not work on your Shopify website. Here are a few steps you can take to try and troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check that the email address you have entered in your Shopify admin settings is correct. Go to Settings > Notifications, and make sure that the email address listed in the "Send order confirmations to" field is the email address that you want to receive contact form submissions at.

  2. Check that your contact form is properly set up in your theme. Look for a file called "contact.liquid" or "contact-form.liquid" in your theme files. Make sure that the form is properly set up and that the action attribute of the form is set to "/contact" (without the quotes). Also make sure that the form method is set to "post"

  3. Make sure that the contact form is using the correct fields for the user to fill out. i.e the name , email address, message fields etc .

  4. Check your SPAM folder to make sure the emails from the contact form are not getting marked as spam.

  5. Check your email server settings and also your hosting provider settings to see if there is any filter or restriction set that is blocking the email.

  6. To check the form data is being sent properly check the network tab in your browser dev tools when you submit the form , check if the data is being sent to the right endpoint and in the right format.

  7. If all the above fails, try installing a contact form app from the shopify app store, there are many free apps available that you can try out.

If none of these steps work, it might be a good idea to reach out to Shopify support for further assistance.

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Hi, thanks for your suggestions.

Can you please explain how to do suggestion 2 and suggestion 6 in more detail? I can't find where to view those files.



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Can you explain what you mean in your point 2. - Make sure that the form is properly set up and that the action attribute of the form is set to "/contact" (without the quotes). Also make sure that the form method is set to "post"
Where would I do this?


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Hello @SarahMacNaught,

Gina here from flareAI - your Fully Automated Free Sales Machine. Hope you are doing good! I am happy to share some suggestions for your query.

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Did you try contacting your email host to see any issues from the host end?


Can you try sending a test email from Shopify? From your Shopify admin go to Settings > Notifications section > Staff order notifications. Next to the affected email, click Send test notification.

If you're still not able to receive an email after sending the test notification, please follow the steps below to remove and re-add the same email address.

> Go to your Shopify admin Settings > Notifications
> Scroll down to the Staff order notifications section.
> Click the trash icon to delete any recipients that are not receiving notifications as expected. (You may need to scroll right to make the changes to remove or disable the staff notifications.)
> Click the Add recipient button and re-add your same email address.
> Save changes.

After doing the above steps try submitting Contact Form.

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Thanks Gina, I've already tried all of those and they haven't worked, but I appreciate your thoughts.


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HI Sarah,

Any luck? I am having the same issues! I received an email from a grumpy customer who said I was ignoring them.  They are able to email me directly. I have done the steps Gina said and still doesn't work. Strange this, I used to receive notifications and now I don't for some reason! I havent changed anything. 

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No luck I'm afraid.

Gina's solutions didn't work and the other guy didn't elaborate on their solutions and I haven't been able to find out how to do them.

I've ended up removing my contact submission form and providing an email address and my business facebook page so people can contact me via messenger. I've already had a customer email me, so at least that works. 

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I have just downloaded a contact form app to use on shopify instead and it is working, so I will just stick with that. It is called Storeify.

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Hello, @SarahMacNaught ! Thanks for reaching out here. To understand the situation better I’ll have to ask several clarifying questions first. Can you tell me when you first noticed that you weren't getting emails from your Contact Form? Let me know how you set up the contact form or if you used a third party app for it.  Also, who is your email provider and have you tried reaching out to them about the email issue?

In the meantime, I suggest going to your Shopify settings, then to Notifications. Find the Staff order notifications section. Click "Send test notification" next to the email that's not working. If you still don't get the test email, follow these steps:

-Go to Shopify settings, then Notifications.

-Scroll down to Staff order notifications.

-Click the trash icon to remove any emails not getting notifications.

-Click "Add recipient" and put in the same email address and save your changes.


This should help fix the problem and get emails sent as usual but if you're still having trouble after trying these steps and talking to your email provider, it’s best to reach out to our live support team. Please visit this link and log in to your account to create a support request.


Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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