Why isn't my customized confirmation email displaying correctly?

Why isn't my customized confirmation email displaying correctly?

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I'm currently having troubles with customising our confirmation email. I've modified the code and it's showing up correctly when I preview it (image attached) . Although when the confirmation email is sent through Gmail (image attached), it is not showing up the changes that I made. 

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Images not attached, you can simply paste images into posts, no need to make others download things.


Many notifications have similar names, so make sure that you are editing the template you think you are editing.

Then if the thing you expect to see is inside a condition {% if item.available %} or some other logic just set the condition to true  {% if true %} before further testing is done with test-orders . 

Other times there can just be cache issues and you may have to wait.

Optionally set conditions that only trigger on the test customer&order data and save the notification and send test mails that way; i.e. {% if customer.email ==  "john@example.com"  -%}Special thing being tested{%-endif-%}

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Here are the images. I've also attached our current code for our email


What I want the email to look like: (How it's appearing when I preview the code)

preview .png


How it appears via Gmail

sent via Gmail.png



Current code:  

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 12.57.15 AM.png



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When you test emails like this in Gmail make sure to delete the previous attempts from your Gmail inbox before sending new ones, otherwise Gmail will create a thread and try to show you the differences only. That's why you're seeing purple text. Your email may already be looking like you want. 🙂

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I deleted the previous test emails and it's still not working 🙁. Even when
the text isn't purple, the email isn't completed with the changes that I

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I'm having the same problem.  The test email looks great, but then when I do a test order, it doesn't have anything beyond the standard template.  None of my changes show in the real order email, but the test email looks great in my inbox.