Why isn't Shopify fixing the blog sorting by date published issue?

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From what I can see, people have been complaining for years about the removed feature that allowed blog sorting by date published/visible. The functionality of the sorting feature as it stands is truly nonsense. If you can't sort by date published, you have a complete mess. Why is no one addressing this? I have seen solutions like "make the post hidden then visible" to make it the first in the list. How is this a solution? I'm talking about hundreds of posts and it would take hours to click through them all.  All I can assume is that this oversight is a bug that Shopify can't fix. They don't respond to requests and nothing has changed for a few years. What gives? Will this ever get fixed or do I need to find a new platform?

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This is an overall shopify function which you can see in any shopify store. Having access to my site or a url is not a solution. If you know shopify you would know what I’m referring to and it is not unique to my shop. 

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Would love an answer on this as well. The inability to restructure the blog URL after ".com" is detrimental too. Is there no way we can have more control, as the site owners, Shopify?

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I would also love this - when you schedule blogs, it's sooooo important to be able to order by release date in your admin view...I honestly struggle to understand why this is not already an option...

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Any answers to this question? Agreed that it makes no sense to sort by edited date. Date published/visible should be an option!