Why isn't Shopify responding to my email about store reactivation?

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            My store got inactive and Shopify demanded some documents over the email. I provided those by replying to that email. But i am not getting a reply back, it has been over 3 days.

Please help!


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@Nicholas113 Let me sumarise everything for you.



           I recently made a Shopify store. Designed everything, bought a paid theme, attached my domain. But after paying for my first plan, my store got inactive. I received an email from Shopify legal team saying that: "In order to reconsider your account for eligibility to use Shopify we require some additional information with regards to your business model. "

They demanded some documents like: 


1: Proof of address - Utility bill .

2: Proof of business association (i.e. business license, business registration documents (with company number) or business tax filing record)

3: Proof of inventory.

4: Social media links.

I provided my PSEG utility bill as a proof of address. Provided invoice form my supplier for my inventory. Provided our facebook and insta links. 

My questions is that why is Shopify asking me for business documents when i have applied for the store as a Sole proprietor using my SSN?  ( I am from the US btw).


 I replied to that email providing everything above and explaining that i don't have business registeration documents since i plan to run this store as a Sole proprietor. 

But i have not gotten a reply from them. It has been over 2 days now.

My question is, has anyone else faced such issue? and will they accept my appeal about me wanting to run the store as a Sole proprietor using my SSN? also when can i expect a reply from them.

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Hi, @Qamarkhan1. Thank you for sharing all of that context! 


There are many reasons why a store may become inactive and why Shopify may ask for additional documentation. Shopify is always reviewing businesses to ensure they are complying with Shopify's policies and meeting all requirements. We won't be able to provide any insight into why you were asked for these specific documents as each case is unique and we can't see your account information here over the Shopify Community. That being said, I can still share some information to help you out.


In general, merchants can run stores as a sole proprietor using their SSN as their tax ID number. If you have any questions about this it's best to reply directly to that email thread you referenced. You'll also want to reply directly to that thread if you don't have the documents you are being asked for, so the team working on your account can help further. It sounds like you've already done this so going forward you'll need to wait for their reply. While we try to reply as quickly as we can, it can take more than 2 days to hear back depending on how busy that team is and the work they need to do for your account. I can assure you they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Erin | Shopify 
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