why my account cannot to index in google use my product

why my account cannot to index in google use my product

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hello admin can u gift me why my product can'index in google can u gift me solucion? for index my shopify product

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Hi @angagpermana23

I don't know if your products have been indexed by Google now. But there are more than one reason why your pages are not indexed by Google, so we have a list of solutions below: 

  1. Submit the sitemap.xml file: create a sitemap.xml file for your Shopify website that contains all the URL of your website that you want to index. After that, submit the file to Google via Google Search Console. 
  2. Make sure that your robots.txt file (and your Meta Robots tags) does not block indexing
  3. Make use of Schema: Adding necessary Schema data to your website will make it more viable and worth indexing to Google. 
  4. Content optimization: your product content is the bread and butter of getting indexed or not. We highly recommend avoiding content duplication at all costs, as well as keeping your content short and sweet, since users nowadays require all necessary information, but their average time-on-site is going down every year. 
  5. Onpage optimization: after content, take a look at your website’s structure, loading speed, mobile optimization level … Optimizing all of these small aspects will surely make your site worth indexing

Last but not least, be patient. New websites are normally delayed in getting indexed, as Google needs more time to evaluate your websites than to evaluate long-living websites.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions 🥰🥰

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