Why my shopify speed is so low?

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Still fairly new here. Recently set up shopify shop: https://fitness123.co.uk/, but the speed is fairly slow compared to other sites I have used. Can someone please advice what I can do. Im pretty sure this will affect customer interaction with the site.

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I ran your site through the Shopify Analyzer and see the main problem is a massive page weight (about 7mb), with most of that being from images - see the results here: https://analyze.speedboostr.com/result/g3r5svk8qu.

It looks like those sliders are loading a lot of images right at page start.

Couple quick things you could do to improve your load speed (site wide).

1) Implement "lazy loading", this will prevent all images from loading during page load, and instead load them as the user scrolls down the page. Here's how to do that: https://speedboostr.com/shopify-lazy-loading/

2) Compress your images. This technique shrinks the file size without losing resolution, here's how to do that: https://speedboostr.com/how-to-compress-images-on-shopify.

3) Decrease the size of the oversized images (identified in the results of above). For example, you have images around 1900 pixels loading on mobile devices, where the typical screen width is less than 500px, so you don't need those big images loading on mobile, instead I'd make them around 1200px - 1500px on desktop, and 800px on mobile.

Lazy loading should provide some massive gains, the others will help a little bit.

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