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I am considering selling educational material, study guides, assignment help, tutoring, eBooks, writing services, counseling, and other products and services. Can I ask anyone what the advantage of such doing here opposed to having your own dns, build your on site for practically free if you know what you are doing, getting on a good private server for cheaper than one could get on a shared one that usually sucks, of course everything else, that honestly, is really not that difficult, again, for relatively nothing instead of paying a monthly fee for no guasrntee that your product or service will sell? Thanks in advance!

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Hey, @johnlambiase195. Welcome to Shopify Community!


That's a really great question. While you can certainly build your own website from scratch, it requires technical know-how and a lot of time, which frankly might not be something everyone has. You can also hire a developer to build your site, however, while this may be easy to arrange, it can also get pretty expensive, especially for business owners who are starting out and have limited capital. It's much more than the small monthly fee you’d pay with us, which could potentially be covered by your sales.


We make things easier by handing business owners all the essential tools needed to run an online store. With all these tools readily available, you can start selling within a few hours or days. With Shopify, you're not just listing products and handling payments. You also get to design your website, manage marketing, and look into your sales data, among many other things. Plus, if problems arise, we're here to help so you don't have to worry about fixing issues yourself.


Like any other business we can't guarantee sales, however, we do guarantee effective tools that give you the best chance at success. How you use them and the effort you put in will dictate the future of your business.


If you're interested in starting a Shopify store, and have questions, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll be happy to help!

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