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Why was my online store account closed and what happens to my pending payouts?

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"Hello ********,

After reviewing your information and website, we have determined that you are in violation of Section 7 of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy  and we are therefore unable to support your business. We are terminating your account in accordance with our right in Section 14.3 of Shopify Terms of Service .

Thank you,

Shopify Risk"




I don't understand what happened? My online store was starting off well; I already had 3 orders (2 payouts pending). Today, the first one was supposed to be paid, but yesterday at the end of the day, I received the message above.

What happens now with that money? Obviously, no transfer was made today, and I also don't have access to see what's happening. The account is completely deleted, and my money is there for no reason.


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Same problem here, been waiting 17 days for a reply

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Hello @jorgehp1 and @lahuertapremium, was the problem solved for you? Can you tell me if this E-Mail really was from Shopify? I received the same and I'm wondering if this was a phishing Mail. The support wasn't able to answer this until now and I'm a bit afraid (I clicked on one link in this mail). Thank you 🙂