Widgets Displaying Tagged Blogs - not Blog Categories

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I want to be able to put widgets for Blog Tags, displaying the blogs within that tag, not just different blog categories, so I can not only show "all blogs" with one blog category but also segment blogs to different portions of the website and custom landing pages. 

For example, keeping blogs that are written reviews for products in the main blog, but tagged "review" - and pulling blogs with those tags into a widget on a custom-built "reviews" landing page along with our star ratings on products, etc... not just relying on a /tagged/reviews liquid page. 

How can this be done? 

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It sounds like you already have some custom design pages. If you are not already using page builder app to build these pages, perhaps you can try uisng a page builder app like Pagefly* to solve the problem you posted.


I can't say for other apps as I have only used Pagefly* - it allows you to create content blocks (eg. a selected group of blog posts) and insert into any page in your Shopify store. I know this is not really a widget but it's the only thing I can think of now. 


Pagely comes with a free plan, feel free to try it out here.


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 Hi @weston2 ,


This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. Yeah, I think you can try our app to create your own blogs. There are many elements that you can try to create. It allows you to show a blog list below to link to a related one. Please take a look at this video tutorial and guide.

You also can take a look at our Template here.


If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know or you can contact our support team via Live chat to connect with us directly. We are there 24/7 to help, we will try to check and fix it for you.


Thank you and have a nice rest of the day!

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