Will Shopify Work for Daily Guest Self Service?

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Hello everyone, I have 4 questions that I'm looking to have answered. 
We are a gym facility called Anytime Fitness. With 24/7 access, our members are able to enter our gym any time of the day; however, we do not keep our gym staffed 24/7. We are looking to give our members the ability to bring in guests when our staff is not there. This requires the ability for guests to self service charge the daily fee of $20 and also collect a signature on a risk and release form. 

The idea is to have a poster with a QR code linking to our shopify website that would require a signature on the risk and release form as well as complete the $20 draft. 

  1.  Is this line of thinking correct with Shopify?
  2.  What additional credit charge charges/fees will be taken from each purchase completed on Shopify?
  3.  Can we use it to draft custom charges if necessary? (i.e. if a guest wants to buy something priced at $5, can we run their card via our Shopify website for 5$)
  4.  Will we be able to use Account and Routing numbers to complete a draft instead of Credit Card information? 

Thank you in advance for help in understanding more about Shopify. 
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1. Yes you can do that

2. It depends on your plan, pretty standard about 2% - 3% if they pay by credit card

3. You don't have access to view the credit card information, but you can add items to their order or create orders, with both it can send an invoice to them where they enter their information to pay.


Another idea, you could have the products on your website, and have them checkout there. You can also incorporate subscriptions into your store, and they get charged monthly - could be an idea to experiment with subscription products, like buying protein powder every month on subscription, that they can either pick up at the gym or get shipped.


4. You can accept manual payments yes. I haven't personally done bank transfers, seems like it would be too high a fee for smaller priced products, but doable: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/payments/manual-payments


Good luck, I like the idea of having a Shopify site connected to a physical business, opens up additional possibilities for revenue + value to your members.

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