Workaround for Free Shipping on Smalls vs Quotes for Freight

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We use Sixbit software to list on our Shopify eCommerce website. 

We list thousands of small items being shipped through USPS, FedEx, and UPS with "Fixed Price" and "free shipping".  No shipping calculator is needed as these are "free shipping" everywhere in the continental US. 

We list hundreds of large and heavy freight items too.  We explain in those freight listings to contact us for a freight quote.  The problem is our Shopify eCommerce platform defaults to "free shipping" for our freight items.  We do not want "free shipping" on freight items.  We'd like to keep "fixed price with free shipping" for ground items.  We'd like to quote customers a freight quote based on their zip code.  Plus we need to find out if the freight is going to a business dock or a residence.   

We want to invoice our customers for our product and freight.  We don't want to send our customers to one freight site.

Do we have options?  What are the options?

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I came here to ask this very same question. Hoping someone has an answer!

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this question has been asked many times and never answered - only vague pointers to frieght apps! I just want the customer to be able to add what they need to cart, give me shipping info I need and I can get back to them with a freight quote!!!! come on shopify!!! all these third party apps do it screw things up and rip off my customers for shipping!