Worst Ever Shopify Customer Support - Very Bad experience

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The Shopify support team is worst support team I have ever seen in my life. I have lost my customers and my business already in last 36 hoursand not sure how much more I will lost. This thing also impacting my website SEO because my website is down and customers are seening a broken web page. Shopify support team have default messages ready to please you whenver you chat with them. It's been more than 36 hours now and My Store is down without any reason. I have contacted almost 10 times and spoke to almost 8 different Chat Supoort advisors and everyone said the same thing that just wait, our legal team is working on your case.

I have lost my customers and my business already in last 36 hours and I am still not sure how much time they will take. We have almost 10 different stores on Shopify but this was my first ever experience working with support team for a small issue. My website and store is not live and down since last 36 hours and they are not even bothered to do anything.  The whole team is just a joke.

They will just say our time has got lot of cases in the queue so your case is on priority list. what are they doing by the way? What priority? Are they really working? Why can't you just increase the number of employees there in Support team?

My Ticket number is 44696624, so that everyone can check the case what is happening with me. they just shut down my website and not coming back to me not even answering to me and not even letting me transffer to Wordpress or other platforms. wow

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It's been more than 48 Hours since the legal team asked us to provide them the documents and 36 since they esclated the case. Not sure why and where they are taking that much time and whom should I reach out? But they But loosing my customers' money and business for no reason is something I am getting frsutrated about. Please help me or guide me what should I do and where should I seek help from. Atleast if you cannot solve my issue then just reject my case and allow me to transfer my store/website to a different platform. Please

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I'm so sorry thats happening for you! Whats your URL? Im wondering if its a DNS issue thats outside of the support teams scope thats why they aren't

assisting fast.

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Thanks but that's not a DNS issue. this is the store I am talking about https://wetseals.myshopify.com/

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Ever felt like you're shouting into the void when you reach out to Shopify support? It's like being stuck in a frustrating loop, where every response feels like a dead end. You're looking for help, but all you get are automated replies or vague solutions that leave you scratching your head.

It's absolutely gasly to deal with their support agents. I am looking for alternatives might be switching to WIX or WordPress. I can no longer deal with Shopify platform limitations and their brainless customer support.