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Hi all and CS shopify

may all help us,

recently we get order via online store, and goods are in another location (is't default location)

shopify should deduct stock at the location which having goods, but this case shopify deduct stock at default location

pls guide us how to set shopify to be able to find and deduct stock at the right location?


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Hi there, @arif_SPW!

Thanks for reaching out in the Community today regarding your inventory question. This is a great spot to come to if you’re looking for advice on your Shopify Store or anything else Shopify related. 

If you’re looking to have your products deducted from a specific location when orders are placed, you’re going to want to make sure you have those products stocked in that location within Shopify, and that the location is also set up to be used to fulfil online orders. I have a document here that outlines assigning product inventory to specific locations.

Based on the information you’ve provided, it sounds to me that one of two situations are occurring here:

  • You have some of the product from your screenshot stocked at your default location
  • You have product stocked at multiple locations but your default location has fulfilment priority so it takes from there when fulfilling an order.

Below are some things you’re going to need to double-check as they might explain why the inventory was deducted how it was in your screenshot: 

  • Do you ship any products out of your default location? If not, please remove that location as a shipping origin in the Shipping From section in your shipping settings. We have a document here that outlines how to do this. 
  • What location is currently your shipping origin? If you go to ‘Settings > Shipping’ and then manage rates, you’ll be able to see what location is your shipping origin when locating at the Shipping From section.
  • How many locations do you have set up in your store? You mention your default location but if that isn’t the location you want the product to be deducted from, please set-up another location so you can stock products there. We have a help document here that explains how to do this. 
  • Is the product stocked at the default location? Please make sure the product is stocked at the correct location in the admin. If you go to ‘Products > Inventory’ from the left hand menu in your admin, you can see in the top right corner what location you’re viewing and what products are stocked there. You can click on that location to show a dropdown of other locations you have to see what products are stocked here. You can also open the product settings up directly to see this information.

Please take some time to double-check the things I’ve outlined and let me know if any of that addresses the situation.

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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