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Colleagues, good afternoon!
My name is Muhammad Mansha, I'm from Pakistan.


I was doing a store for a musician and ran into difficulties.
1. Demo version expired
2. I have chosen a tariff
3. I tied a Debit Card .

Immediately after linking the card, the store was no longer available


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I wrote to support, they answered me that they would look into what was the matter and no longer get in touch.
I do not understand what's the matter

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This is a real problem is that it looks like the staff at Shopify has no intention of fixing it.  They have created a heavy handed automated system to flag everything under the sun, and automatically ban/lock out your account.  I have just made a new store with Shopify.  I hadn't even launched my site yet, I added one product as a mockup just to satisfy the requirement, and after making a change on the product line by adding a tarrif number for the item category, my account was locked out.  I received no email stating the fact that it was locked or suspended.  When I tried to seek support for the issue, I was stuck chatting to a bot. (no real support exists by my experience)  When you click on support, it asks me to log in, so I do, and it loops back to the "account locked screen"  SO after several days with no contact whatsoever from Shopify about the issue, I looked at Shopify's twitter account.  The support channels was simply slammed with thousands of people having similar issues.  One guy had 46k  of his money, locked in his account, and after months is still unable to receive his funds.  I submit to you, the users of this forum, based on my personal experience with them, that Shopify is a horrible company to do business with.  Since I have exhausted all know measures to reconcile this issue, I am forced to do the only thing I have left.  Shopify sold me a product it has no intention of servicing, it has sold me a product, that it has cut all access to.  It would appear by my experience that it has obfuscated it's support options willfully, IIt doesn't have an option to email the staff, or call on the phone, when you click on support options.  Shopify has completely cut off all access to my account, and given me no recourse to rectify the situation. In other words, based on my experience with Shopify, I am a victim of fraud, at the hands of Shopify.  My only recourse now, is to contact my credit card company, and report Shopify for fraudulent activities in regards to the service I signed up for.  And request to be refunded, and open an investigation of fraud in regards to the charge on my account.  And I would highly recommend anyone else, who has experienced the same things I have, to do the same.  It's within your right as a consumer.  YOU are their customer, not the other way around.  If you choose to do business with Shopify, and they didn't deliver what was promised, you have every recourse to report it as fraud, the credit card company will instantly refund your money, by law.  And then they will open up a investigation into the matter.