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Your FB not approved/ Denied due to trustworthiness ?

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So after month and months of trying to get my commerce approved so I can use instagram shop, I finally got an answer. 

So like most of you, I know this process is very frustrating. ive been talking to multiple reps regarding getting my account approved and being told that they couldn't tell me exactly why, but that it lacks trustworthiness. I have had my lashes listed under animal which I never did so that showed up not approved. I ended up fixing it to beauty did my request and still was denied. after speaking with multiple reps and yes you can get in contact with them now. I was told to wait a few month and try to request again. a few days ago was my timing to try and agin no request. at this point I was frustrated agin, so I was able to chat with a rep showed multiple screen shots of previous conversation as proof, etc. finally they took my cell phone number and gave me a call a few days later. Here is what I was told. 

1. after 2 request you cant get no more until the systems feels it ok to do so again

2. you will need to post more. your activity MUST be consistant  ( I was posting like 2x in 3 or 4mo because I saw no activity)

if you follow these steps then  the account will signal for a change and you should be able to request a review again. I hope this helps! 

Good Luck! I will keep you guys posted when I can. 



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Oh my gosh I’m having the same issue!!!


please dm me on insta @BARAKAT_interiors I would love to talk to you about this moree and get some more advice as Facebook are being really slow with helping me 😩