Your payouts from Shopify Payments are on hold while we review your account

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My payouts from Shopify pay have been on hold now since the 24th of August 2023.

I've been contacting Shopify daily to find out why. We have used them for 5 years and have not had an issue before.


Eventually, Shopify came back to me to say Stripe had put our account on hold and I needed to contact them. So I did, a week ago, and they said our account was not on hold and payouts were enabled. 


I've given this information back to Shopify and they have not responded. The live chat support workers keep telling me to look out for an email and over the course of the last month, I have not received one. 

I've tried to raise a complaint with Shopify, but they do not have a complaints procedure. I've asked to speak to the payment team, but they will not put me in touch. So I really don't know where to turn other than to switch payment provider or seek legal advice to secure the return of our funds.

Shopify continue to take the money from our sales and charge us their monthly fee, payment fees, and subscription fees but they will not pay us the money from our sales. 

Has anyone found a solution to this?

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