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Domain is down

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Hey there,


I bought my domain on Shopify on year ago and set it on automatically extension.

Now, one year later they took my domain for no reason down. Since one week the Shopify team is trying to reactivate my domain - without any result!

I cannot wait any longer as I am losing lots of money, so hands up if there is anybody who could help with it?

The name of the domain is


Thanks in advance,



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Lena! @Lena5 

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that regarding your domain And to be able to offer you more details on what has happened to your domain, I have a question or two if I may so that I can help you draw up a "domain recovery plan". Don't forget that you have reached the German community here, and we can also chat in German too if you prefer.

  • Das ist kein Problem auf Deutsch zu plaudern!

Question: Did you buy this domain in Shopify and do you simply want to renew the said domain in this shop? If yes, I can fully understand that and we will try to do everything we can to speed up this process.

Problem description and a domain status explained

I checked your domain on and it is now in the "Redemption Period" which comes after the period where the domain is supposed to be renewed called the "Grace Period". Typically the Redemption period will last 30 days after the Grace period (which itself lasts about 40 days), so there's about a two month window before your domain is at risk of being purged from the registrar and made available to be re-purchased on the market. Once purged the domain can be registered by anyone. The timelines are always estimates and there are no guarantees.

You say your domain was set to "auto-renew", however it seems your domain somehow expired and nobody seems to know why. Please understand that Shopify would never willingly expire your domain. Normally domains are automatically renewed every year if they are set to auto-renew. However in this case something happened and I have a hunch. 

My hunch

What I assume happened was that the Domain Registrar was communicating with the Domain Owner via the email that the domain was registered with and the emails were perhaps not read. Do you know what email the domain is registered under? Did you check your emails for expiry warnings? As of 2020, DENIC migrated major parts of domain communication process to e-mail. Domains set to expire can sometimes require the registrant (you the domain owner) to contact the DENIC Service Centre directly for further management.  

The issue with .de top level domains (TLDs)

My hunch lies with the domain registrar authority in Germany - DENIC. The domain registrar authority is the final decision maker on .de TLD domains and sometimes they don't like other platforms (like Shopify) to sell German .de TLDs. However, it also seems that there was a deletion order created and I cannot tell if this was done by DENIC. Just to reiterate, Shopify would never willingly cancel your domain and so I think this seems to be a complicated issue to do with the domain registrar.

I found some more infos on this topic here in the OpenSRS Help Center. See the links below:

Additional Resources

Hope that helps Lena!

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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