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Jeg har bestilt  Storm Limited Edition for 2 uker siden og jeg fikk ingen informasjon om bestillingen min eller når den kommer, kan du hjelpe meg?? (bestillingsnummer er 1393)


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Hey @Sammytoga250 


You have reached the German Community here but we can continue to chat about this in English too if that's ok. 😉


I see you are still waiting for an order to arrive for 2 weeks now. If your order is less than 30 days old then we usually recommend to wait until it is 30 days old and you have still not received any order. 2 weeks is too short really to make any informed decision on the whereabouts of an order.


What you need to do is really contact the owner of the store where you made your online purchase as they are the best person to contact. Have you tried that? What is their website URL?

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