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What does these thing mean?

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What are these for

1) '#001 und #002

2) why does man adds this prefix and suffix

3)  What does  ID? mean




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Hi @Sami32 

Gabe here from Shopify. Thanks for posting your question. Übrigens, dies ist ein deutsches Forum und wir können gerne auf Deutsch das Thema auch besprechen.

But English is totally fine too! So, when creating an order, there is a number range system whereby each order is incremented up one number (auf deutsch "Nummernkreis"). The hash (Raute) stands for "order number" e.g. #1001 for example.

As all orders in every online store will start with 1001 (there is not control over this), you have the option of creating a prefix and a suffix as a numbering system that suits your business needs.

So for example, you could have 3 shops, one for Germany, one for the UK and one for the US. In order to separate your orders in each store, you can give them the corresponding as well as meaningful prefixes and suffixes:

- #DE1001SHOP with /SHOP/ meaning "a Shopify order" in case you also have a Woocommerce or Magento Shop connected to your external ERP/WaWi system like Billbee, SAP, or Oracle and this way the ERPs can distinguish between them.



And so on...

Does that make sense @Sami32 ?



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