Board Guidelines, FAQ, and more…

Board Guidelines, FAQ, and more…

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Welcome to the Shopify Education & Certifications discussion board.


This board is a place for conversations about ecommerce learning and development on Shopify, and our educational hubs, like Shopify Academy.


Topics that are not related to educational offerings such as support requests will be moved to the most applicable discussion board.


Members are expected to adhere to the Shopify Community Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.


If you spot something of concern, please click Report to notify our moderation team.



When submitting a post in this discussion board, include as much information as possible to help others assist you.


For example, if you need extra help with something in a course, post a detailed message with your current understanding and where you are having trouble with the provided content. For issues related to functionality such as an image failing to load, submit a detailed post with as much information as possible such as when the issue first started to appear, troubleshooting etc.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Where can I find Shopify Academy courses?
  2. Which languages are supported?
    • Currently all course content is in English.

  3. What types of questions should I post on the Shopify Education & Certification discussion board
    • Questions should be related to Shopify-produced education content such as Shopify Academy. Feedback and questions about 3rd-party educational offerings will be moved to the general discussion area.

  4. Where can I find Shopify educational resources?
  5. Where can I access Shopify Certifications?
    • You can become a certified expert on Shopify and take courses to earn a certification via Shopify Academy.

  6. What is a badge vs a microcredential vs a certification?
    • A badge is earned after completing either a single course or a learning path in Shopify Academy
    • A certification is awarded when multiple courses in a learning path with a final assessment to validate learning is completed successfully.

  7. What score do I need to pass?
    • A passing score of 90% is required to earn a badge
    • A passing score of 80% is required to earn a certification or microcredential.

  8. How long do Shopify Academy courses take to complete?
    • Courses can take between one and three hours depending on the content and if the provided resources and reviews are completed.

  9. Can I use reference my notes or study aids while taking an exam?
    • The final exam is proctored, with no outside materials allowed such as study notes. Study notes can be used when completing individual courses however.

  10. What is the cost to take a certification exam?
    • Foundations Certification is 99$ as of May 2023 but pricing is subject to change without notice. Always review the course for more details on the certification fees.

  11. Can I retake a certification exam?
    • Yes, a $25 USD retake fee is required for each attempt with no limit on the number of attempts.

  12. Do I need to complete every course before obtaining a certification?
    • No, you can skip courses as you see fit with no impact to your ability to complete the certification. You can take the exam whenever you feel confident in your skills.

  13. Can my organization/agency receive a badge or certification?
    • No, certifications are only awarded to the individual who completes the program and not to groups such as an organization or agency.

  14. Can credentials be shared externally on sites like LinkedIn?
    • Yes, Certifications are hosted by Credly which can be saved and/or shared to external sites such as LinkedIn. Introductory Badges can not be shared on social media but can be viewed in your Credly account.

      For more information on how to share badges on external sites, please review Credly: Sharing to Social media.

  15. When will I get my badge?
    • Automated emails will be sent once a badge is earned, as well as 1, 4 and 12 days after a badge is issued as a reminder if you haven’t accepted the badge.

      For more information, please review Credly: Accepting a Badge

  16. I have a badge from the previous Shopify Partner Academy. Will it still be valid?
    • Badges earned prior to the current Shopify Foundations Certification will be valid and honored until June 2023.

  17. Can I still complete Shopify Partner Academy courses? Are they accessible anywhere?
    • No, Partner Academy course content is no longer accessible for review, with some content being retired. Partner education can now be found on Shopify Academy going forward.

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