📢 New Headless Courses & Certifications by Shopify Academy 🎉

📢 New Headless Courses & Certifications by Shopify Academy 🎉

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Now you can choose your own adventure as a developer, business consultant, or theme developer, and complete free courses on how you can harness the power of headless at Shopify. 


After completing each learning path, measure your skills by taking a certification exam


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Which adventure will you choose? 


Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers 

Learn about Shopify themes and Liquid, making customizations using the theme editor, and minor code changes to optimize Shopify themes.
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Headless at Shopify for Business Consultants

Create more qualified leads that convert by learning how to pitch, plan, and implement a headless solution at Shopify.
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Headless at Shopify for Developers 

Learn Shopify's headless framework, tooling, and hosting options to seamlessly prepare, implement, and optimize a custom storefront. 

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